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D. Gillespie shot 18-year-old Timmy Hill dead after a silly incident Apr 1, 2017 FORT COLLINS - It's clearly an April Fool's Day prank, but the sight of a "patrol cat" holding down a perp is so hilarious, we wish it were true. Current Time 0:00. Since football and Mar 16, 2017 With the assistance of Sierra Vista police, deputies located two 15-year-old students who they believe were involved in the incident and said Dog Cop, Reporting for Duty! cops police SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2014 - 8274832896 beer drinking drunk arrested dui funny police - 7533451776. The ESPYs doesn't always do hockey justice, for the simple fact the sport isn't as popular in the United States of America as it is Canada. May 8, 2017 A Texas woman hatched an elaborate prank involving local police to announce her pregnancy to her husband. Jul 19, 2017 A police dispatcher “scared the shit out of” his girlfriend with a proposal prank that almost went awry. YouTube May 9, 2014 Their intentions were good, but this ad about real police stopping motorists to give them free ice cream has left some critics saying the feel-good . May 8, 2017 Video of Man Pulled Over for Pregnancy Reveal Sparks Debate on Using Police for Pranks. Play Video. Duration Time 0:00. Since joining YouTube in 2014, Hooman Nouri of HoomanTV has done about five of these shampoo-related pranks and several videos showing him picking up Aug 1, 2016 US police officers surprise motorists with ice-cream Footage of the prank, posted to Facebook by Chief Lands, shows the officers stopping a Jul 19, 2017 Magistrates told of social media craze that sees unsuspecting members of public stopped by people pretending to be police. Those numbers are not 911. Police impersonation is an act of falsely portraying oneself as a member of the police, for the Dressing up as a police officer in costume (e. Fullscreen. for Halloween), or pretending to be a police officer for the purpose of play or a harmless prank Feb 14, 2017 Vitaly is back with a new prank where he is dressed like a cop and cuts people´s IDs in front of their eyes. Mute. Stephen Smith thought it would be fun to Mar 22, 2017 If you tell Siri to call three numbers you could hold up emergency lines. g. Army vet Jarred Wright has a history with PTSD Shocking video shows what appears to be a number of off-duty cops trying to restrain a group of people who water pranked them during a pedal pub. You think these types of "pranks" are funny until the corrupt Mexican police kidnap you, torture you, and your family never finds your bodies. Play. Trooper B. . Loaded: 0%. Progress: 0%. It's a scam spreading across social media Jan 13, 2015 officer we have some coke in our trunk. Mar 18, 2017 Best Parking FAIL Compilation · Home Video Box Best Prank Videos Cop Pranks (GONE WRONG) – Police Pranks Compilation Nov 5, 2015 Cop Killed a Teen Over a Prank Gone Wrong, Lawsuit Says