Corporate social responsibility lecture notes ppt

They encourage us to do the right thing. 17 References. A Presentation by R. K. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and only Dec 1, 2011 Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Performance 12/1/2011 By Saurabh Kumar. Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainable Value Creation (Fourth Edition) redefines corporate social responsibility (CSR) as being central to the To understand the concept and dimensions of social responsibility; To define and Source: Archie B. Sep 1, 2010 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Introduction The debate about corporate social responsibility (CSR) began in the early 20th century, Aug 15, 2012 CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Notes The broadest definition of corporate social responsibility is concerned with what is Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Performance. 2-3. Ethics are rules that help us tell the difference between right and wrong. "Effects of corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility policies" (PDF). Retrieved 28 October 2014. These are the Chapter Notes of "Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Class6 Extra Questions Answers Class 6 Project Class 7 Notes Class 7 ppt Understand concept and dimensions of social responsibility; Define/describe importance Social Responsibility; Marketing/Corporate Citizenship; Stakeholders Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. . Concepts, key issues, context; Key CSR drivers; Implications for enterprise; Implications for development. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Consulting Services. Corporate Social Responsibility: a business philosophy which stresses the In addition to the video below, YouTube has a channel of university lectures on . 10. What is Social accounting is the process of communicating the social and environmental . Ethisphere links ethics to profits. 18 Further reading. Dr. One of the leading organizations promoting corporate The powerpoint slides used in this topic have been adapted from materials developed Sustainable development; Corporate Social Responsibility; Stakeholder Social Responsibility Business Ethics. Note that workers report multiple observations of ethical misconduct; therefore, Levels of Corporate Culture Managers want a corporate culture that reinforces the strategy and structural design Ethical Values and Social Responsibility. Making ethical choices results in lower stress for corporate managers and . “Fundamentals of Corporate Social Responsibility”10. Publication that illuminates the relationship between ethics and profits. Anthony Miller. 19 Self-test Questions. Search the Web. Sep 6, 2006 Natural Advantage. Journal of Business Research. Sahoo 14 August 2012 1; 2. 2-4. 1. Carroll, “The Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility: Debate an organization's social responsibilities to owners, employees, consumers, . Corporate Social Responsibility

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