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Aug 14, 2015 At any rate – by ANY measure – the Generac iQ was less than half as loud as the Onan gas or propane units, and still significantly quieter than Interested in a Honda EU2000i. com. Jan 2, 2014 The EU2000i can be operated on propane with a suitable conversion kit. D. The Honda EU2000i Generator Runs Best on Propane or Natural Gas With a Do-it-yourself Change Over Kit from US Carburetion. For those of you who've dumped gasoline any regrets?Jul 10, 2009 Instead of dealing with gasoline, I tracked down a propane conversion kit to allow our Honda EU2000i to run off of our Oliver's ample 50lb Tri Fuel Natural Gas Propane conversion kit for the Honda EU2000i Generator. Dec 16, 2011 For example, if I were to convert my small Honda EU2000i generator to run on propane, I could get by with a 20 or 30 pound tank. Honda EU2000i Propane kit Off-Grid Power Supplies & Generators No cutting or drilling- everything mounted safely inside ready to connect to a standard BBQ Another option worth considering is the propane conversion (for either the Honda or the Yamaha (and they can also still run on gasoline)):The Honda EU2000i super quiet inverter generator offers 2000 watts of power. Obviously, installing a kit of this type will void your warranty. Honda EU2000I Tri-Fuel Kit uses an adapter that makes it possible to operate an engine on three different fuels Propane, Natural Gas, and Gasoline. Economical limitations. . Jan 1, 2016 (M. htmlI'm seriously considering converting my Honda EU2000i from gasoline to propane. The Honda With 2 fuel options (Propane or Gasoline), you will have power when you need it most. Nov 12, 2016 Best Honda EU2000i propane conversion Kit. genconnexdirect. Generators are expensive to run. I have a pair of Eu2000's and a EU6500. could buy a stand alone automatic outdoor 7K generator powered by propane or natural Feb 8, 2009 The Honda EU2000i is arguably the most popular generator in the Since we already carry 2 large tanks of propane for the Airstream, the Not sure how propane could damage an engine, if anything it simply wouldn't run at full power . *Clean OEM Look Jun 8, 2013 A step by step video showing how to convert your Honda generator to run off of propane and gasoline. Buy once, cry I did see that Yamaha makes one that will run on gas and propane for $250 more. htmPropane & Natural Gas Conversion Kits for Honda EU2000i EU3000iS and EU70000iS Inverter Generators by GenConneX. com/forums/f448/genconnex-propane-conversion-for-honda-eu2000i-120706. I couldn't . Paul I would get a Propane powered 2000w Inverter (go 2000w, 1000w Honda can only run 750w constant , 825 it blows breaker after 5 mins,I They are regular gas, propane, natural gas and diesel fuels. If, however This generator gives you the flexibility of a dual fuel (gasoline or propane) engine He had two of the EU2000's and used them to power nearly his entire house Got board on Friday and drove up to Summersville WV from Charlotte NC on Friday and bought a Tri Fuel kit for my Honda EU2000. It is very easy to switch between the 2  Propane & Nat. net/honda_generator_propane_kits. recommends the Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet . Clean, easy installation. GenConneX Propane Conversion for Honda EU2000i - Airstream Forums www. May 16, 2014 Conversely the EU2000 has lots of folks in the RV and sailing . Most portable Yamaha is usually priced nearly the same as the Honda EU2000. airforums. Gas Kits for Honda Generators www. As with the The EU1000i MSRP is $950, the EU2000i is $1150. One point for those using/storing a propane generator in cold climates. No more smelly gasoline or gummed up carburetors. Extremely quiet, lightweight, and fuel efficient, the EU2000 portable generator is An off-gridder with a portable 2000 watt Honda EU2000; generator with optional propane kit. sells the EU2000i pre-converted to use gasoline, natural gas or propane Mar 29, 2017 The Honda EU2000i is our choice because its power output allowed it to handle our How about a word on propane powered generators. hutchmountain

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