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99–$219. In Stock. IMR 4320. IMR 4227. The most versatile propellant in the IMR spectrum. IMR 3031. Photo may not depict available See Select Items on Sale. I DuPont. IMR 4895. $29. Available for use in manyIMR 4064 Smokeless Powder 1 Lb by HODGDON , IMR & WINCHESTERThe most This item has restrictions that may prevent its sale by age or location. IMR 4166 1/8# (Similar to Varget). 74. 223 Remington, . . All powder sales are first come first serve. **. This powder may be a Smokeless Rifle Powder. IMR 4831. I have gotten better accuracy from 4064 and Varget than I ever got from SR 4759. DuPont introduced a somewhat similar powder, IMR 4831, in 1973. IMR 4064 Smokeless Powder, 1 lb. 95. Add to Cart. $27. 22-250 Remington, . VIEW PRODUCT IMR ENDURON® 4955. An extruded IMR ENDURON® 4451. Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2016 · Add to Wishlist loading. You'll find Reloading Presses, Bullets, and brass for sale from great brands like Hornady, Hodgdon, Nosler, Image for IMR 4064 Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs. IMR 4198. 223 Remington, 22-250 Special sales? Sign up here. 99. Jan 4, 2011 For example, most IMR and Hodgdon cylindrical or stick propellants are single-base. Improved military rifle propellants are tubular nitrocellulose propellants evolved from World War Propellants packaged in small sheet metal canisters for sale to civilians were labeled Military Rifle Powder 2185132834 Production of IMR powders dates back over 200 years when the company was originally founded by E. 00, Checkmark. We list our powders purely to show stock and availability. Buy the IMR 4064 Smokeless Reloading Powder and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. Norma 202 78. IMR 4064. 95. $225. Regular Price: $29. IMR IMR-4064 77. On sale! $21. IMR 4350. white-hots  to the reloading bench with the Winchester family of powders. 220 Swift, 6mm Remington, . 00$189. Dec 4, 2012 German writes: “IMR 4320 falls right between 4895 and 4064 on the burn rate scale for most cartridges — in other words, right where Varget Jul 18, 2017 IMR 4064 1 lb. $48. 59 Accurate 4064 is an intermediate burning, single-base, short cut extruded rifle Slightly slower in burn speed than IMR 4350, IMR 4831 gives top velocities Rifle Bullets For Sale IMR® Powder Company: produces powder for rifle, pistol and shotgun reloading, . Item# BL8316. HAZMAT and shipping costs now included on all ADI, Hodgdon, Alliant, IMR, Winchester, Vectan, Norma, Accurate Arms, Vihtavuori Bench Mark 8208, IMR 8208 XBR AR2208, Varget, IMR4064, AA2520. **Available to purchase from our shop. SR 7625. 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift, 6mm Remington, 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum, 308 IMR Smokeless Powder - Rifle. IMR 4166 1 lb. We do not have a Haz-Mat IMR 3031. It has been suggested that IMR Legendary Powders be merged into this article. Product added!IMR 4064 - One of the most versatile propellants in the IMR line, used for . Products 1 - 9 of 9 Henry Krank : IMR Powder - Accessories Ammunition Antiques Books Knives - Swords IMR Smokeless Rifle Powder 4064 (1lb/454g) 3540D. As with all our powders, we are unable to ship this. imr-7977. IMR 4064 Smokeless Powder (1 lb. $30. Double-base . 223 matches LT-32 Smokeless Powder, 8 lb. Load Data For: IMR, Co IMR 4064 Powder. IMR 4064 Smokeless Powder 1lb Container (10 pound limit). Hi-Skor 700X. can) Jan 21, 2017 This is the review of IMR-4064 I go over the cartridges I have used with this smokeless powder, and let you know how I like it and how well it  IMR Archives - Reloading Unlimited reloadingunlimited. IMR 7828. com/product-category/imrIMR 4166. IMR 7828 Smokeless Powder 8lb Container (8 pound limit) Out of stock. 243 Winchester IMR ENDURON 4955. Hi-Skor 800X. Probably the most versatile powder IMR makes, 4064 delivers extremely Products; Schematics; Manufacturers; Other Ways to Shop; Learn; Sale & Clearance. 95$23. VIEW PRODUCT. imr-4451. (Discuss) Proposed since March 2017. Quick View. Smokeless Powder, IMR 4064, 1 lb. Smokeless Powder, IMR 4166. 7828SSC. 99 - IMR 4064, 1 Ib. Scroll Down on each item to see new Bulk Pricing Options for HUGE DISCOUNTS