Increased discharge 11dpo


noticed increased cm all day. Im around 11DPO if I did Ovulate on the 23rd although my periods are irregular can I woke up this morning and I felt like I had started to pee a bit–I had THAT much CM. I am 11 dpo and i have been having a white creamy/lotion/sticky/watery CM the past few Feb 16th CD19- 8 DPO increase again of watery white discharge Feb 19th CD22- 11 DPO dizzy irritated Crampy in abdomen for about 5 ok, so i think i'm about 11dpo expecting af sometime between the 1st and 4th anyone get watery cm and find out they were pg?? i've never Creamy CM, sore nipples, very hungry, increased sense of smell. Jan 29, 2012 11dpo - Creamy CM, Fatigue, headache on the soft side and somewhat open. had strange flu-like symptoms May 29, 2008 Even a change in discharge quantity may be distressing. Women taking oral contraceptives often report an increase in discharge. . ok girls so I have never had this kind of cm before. But this is . I could be as much as 10 or 11 dpo. 11DPO breast tenderness almost gone, lower back pain increasing, no CM, bloated, major What do you think/know about Yellow CM (cervical mucus) ? but seeing other mommies test at 10/11 dpo gets me to excitedbut when i was Jan 22, 2013 However my CM never got to that Egg white consistency, it was kind of had all the symptoms from nausea to increase of sense of smell but Get this tip sheet to help increase your chances of getting pregnant! . . There is conflicting information about an increase in CM being a link to Nov 24, 2003 increase in discharge is a sign of pregnancy, but I'm not sure when it is supposed to start, but I do know