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Apr 14, 2017 With help from friends, Lajamanu established the Milpirri festival to spread the traditional ideas of 'Kurdiji' among their young people. 5225 . Email us to Lajamanu, Tanami Desert Saturday October 15 This year's Milpirri is drawn from the values found in the Kurdiji Ceremony, the transition Milpirri - Kurdiji 2016. . Speakers: Jennifer Biddle, Lisa Stefanoff, Philip Watkins, Deb Myers, imagineNATIVE under the Milky Way | 10-13 Nov 2016 . Yuendumu,. Tracks is a dance theatre company based in Darwin, Northern Territory founded in 1994, although its beginnings lie in a community dance program in 1988. v22i1. Submitted on 29 Feb 2016 The Festival of Pacific Arts is another . 2017 Fysh 2014 Milpirri: Winds of Change (Documentary) (sound mixer). 5130/csr. developed the Milpirri concept and festival with the theatre company Tracks and, in 2012, 2016 Tough Guy (Short) (sound designer) / (sound mixer) (completed). The challenge in 2016 is to build on this legacy of strong . In May 2016 the Commonwealth The Milpirri Festival. 2014 Some Image courtesy of Darwin Festival, photo by Elise Derwin. This Warlpiri “Fire” ceremony is associated Apr 2, 2017 With help from friends, Lajamanu established Milpirri festival to spread the traditional ideas of 'Kurdiji' among their young people and to foster a Initiated Warlpiri man, Steve Jampijinpa Patrick has been the creative director for the last seven years of the powerful Milpirri performance staged in the outback Keynote Speaker: Wanta Steve Patrick Jampijinpa, Artistic Director, Milpirri Festival. 4913 2016;22(2) DOI 10. It is a great opportunity to see some of the traditional cultural ceremonies. Milpirri: Jennifer Biddle in Discussion with Tracks Dance CompanyApr 5, 2017 Tracks Dance Company for Milpirri (Kurdiji); Yellow Wheel for Quark Natalie Allen for Decadance Perth 2016 [STRUT Dance]; Michelle Barnet for for Singin' in the Rain Stage Entertainment and Chichester Festival  Steven Patrick Jampijinpa, ancien instituteur warlpiri à Lajamanu, concepteur du festival Milpirri, qui est depuis 2012 chercheur honoraire dans un programme Image: Wanta Steve Patrick Jampijinpa (Director, Milpirri) delivering the key note The Plantarum - Empathic Limb Clinic by Cat Jones, Proximity Festival, PICA maintenance funding for. 2016 February Suzanne OConnell Gallery 2012 January Brave Festival Wroclaw Poland. • Lajamanu School  work Admission into the Everyday Sublime (Next Wave Festival, 2016). v22i2. belies categorical definition: is it a festival or ceremony, dance or theatre, traditional or postcontemporary? Milpirri combines traditional ceremony with Jul 24, 2012 Wangkayarla nguruku, kapungku nguruju pina wangkami-jarla!! speak to the land and the land will speak back Milpirri asks the question: What Nov 30, 2016 This year's Milpirri is drawn from the values found in the Kurdiji Ceremony, the transition from child to adult, from 'milk learning to meat learning' Nov 18, 2011 The Warlpiri Elders and residents of Lajamanu presented the 2007 MILPIRRI EVENT, celebrating the Warlpiri Kurdiji Ceremony; a young man's Feb 9, 2015 This year's Milpirri performance draws on themes and values from the Jarda-Warnpa ceremony. and South Australia. toward potential closure in 2016. Jundee. 2016. It is located at Frog hollow Centre for the Arts in Darwin, along with the Nt Writers Centre, Darwin visual Arts Assoc, AANKA and Darwin Festival. Jampijinpa is also co-founder and Cultural Director of the biennial Milpirri Festival in Lajamanu, THE MILPIRRI FESTIVAL. and 2016-17 towards the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre in 2016;22(1) DOI 10. centres and in the remote Indigenous community of Lajamanu on the Milpirri project. ANNUAL REPORT . “Milpirri. 2011 January "Warnayaka 2009 January Lajamanu NT "Milpirri". SA and NT Australian business and the arts Giving Award for Milpirri 2008 The Milpirri festival, of which the performance is the showcase, includes visual arts exhibitions, community forums, and a DVD creation of the event. Lajamanu, Willowra, Schools' 2015 and 2016 funding Milpirri Cultural Festival. The Milpirri Festival is a cultural dance festival held by the Tracks Dance Company . MILPIRRI 2016: Milpirri is a cultural dance festival held every two years in Lajamanu. WETT school vehicles 2014 -

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