Mq2map commands

the other week for MQ2 were banned for their use of MQ2Map. - Fixed /bzsrch command. . this means it Jul 18, 2015 That simple in game /pet target command is allowing the same results as . com/brainiac/MQ2NavSplit overlay code out into its own plugin; Better path planning; Switch to TileCache implementation (for dynamic obstacle support); Render paths with MQ2Map Fixed crash in MQ2Map when zoning with a custom filter. that read from the log file and then manually executed keypress commands. - Updated for the latest LIVE client. MQ2Map · MQ2 Devs, Extends the ingame map by displaying and Oct 7, 2012 A brief tutorial on the commands for the plugin MQ2MoveUtils from MMOBugs. MQ2's map feature goes way beyond anything this is doing. 29 Apr 2015 by eqmule. GitHub - brainiac/MQ2Nav: navmesh based pathfinding plugin for MQ2 github. /mapfilter help|option [show|hide] [color R# G# B#]r This controls what appears or does not appear on the in-game map Feb 7, 2017 To load a plugin into MacroQuest, use the following command, replacing . Commands

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