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Compsite material to protect Aug 10, 2015 currently supports SHIMANO, SRAM and CAMPAGNOLO in BB30 and PF30 in 68mm ROAD and 73mm MTB as well as Specialized OSBB. with any Kogel PF30 bottom bracket and the OSBB rings for a perfect fit. with a bottom bracket shell of 68 x 42 mm, also known as BB30. Jul 16, 2014 M30 BB install/removal for M30-Spindle based crank on a BB30, PF30, or Specialized AL OSBB frame. this appears to only be for the BB30 with direct bearing-to-frame interfacenot the PF30. Auch für Specialized OSBB AL Rahmen ab 2014. ebay. com/b/BB30-PF30-Bicycle-Bottom-Brackets/177805/bn_1849788Results 1 - 48 of 869 Wheels Manufacturing Bb30 / Pf30 Multi Shell Adapter for Shimano . Precizní středové složení Praxis Works pro silniční kliky Shimano. Jul 26, 2017 The company also offers tools such as Specialized's OSBB system is nearly identical to PF30 BB30's larger 30mm-diameter spindle, compared  Shimano, SRAM GXP, or Campy Ultratorque crank into a BB30/PF30 frame and ride noise-free! To install SRAM GXP/ISIS2 road crank in BB30/PF30/OSBB. Praxis OSBB PF30 46mm( Specialized) to Campag Ultratorque Part No. Sworks with 61mm wide version of PF30 or SL4 Pro or below with BB30. Let us start with Specialized MTB frames, as it is a standard PF30 73x46 mm bottom bracket shell Road aluminium frame is a standard BB30 (68x42 mm) shell. PF30, BB386EVO, Specialized Carbon OSBB, BBRight™ Press Fit. 68-3102 Made to fit in either BB30 or PF30 frame, the conversion BB is designed to be Between the two Campagnolo UltraTorque conversion bottom brackets you have all you need to convert BB30, PF30 or Specialized OSBB frames to use with 68mm for Shimano Road Cranks 73mm for Shimano MTB Cranks Okso you have BB30, PF30* (Please See Note Below) or a Specialized OSBB frame, but you Mar 9, 2015 TRiPEAK Y2014 New Product _ BB30/PF30/OSBB Conversion KitsEasily installation with BB cup wrench only. Shell width will measure 68mm (road) or 73mm (mountain). . Results 1 - 48 of 53 Ceramic Bearings Fit Sram Rotor BB30/PF30/BB 386/BB Right FSA, Etc. CeramicSpeed Bearings for all BB30 cranks and frames. Wheels Mfg technical information on Specialized Carbon OSBB bottom While originally designed to work with BB30 cranks that have a 30mm To use a Shimano, FSA, SRAM or Campagnolo crank on these frames, the PF30 cups must be Items 1 - 16 of 27 Wheels Mfg PF30 Bottom Brackets for use in Specialized Carbon OSBB frames. Do you prefer Aluminum cups for the PF30 BBs in a carbon frame? Or the . ) in PF30 & Specialized Carbon OSBB frames without the need for Jun 7, 2016 I have a 2014 Specialized Tarmac that uses press-in aluminum inner shell cups to hold the bottom bracket BB30 bearings. Edit: My bad. Our patent pending design keeps . Shell ID will measure Designed to be a proper BB for installing Shimano™ Hollowtech II cranks in either BB30, PF30, or Specialized's OSBB frames. Hochwertiges BB30 und PF30 Innenlager mit 68 mm Einbaubreite für die integrierte 24 mm Hohlachse. . PF4630 OSBB. The bearings fit also PF30 cups where you can replace the original bearings. For years, many Specialized frames carried the "OSBB" label, but in reality this Kogel recommends a BB30 bearing set for the Specialized crank or the easily removed and replaced with a Kogel PF30 bottom bracket and OSBB spacer set. You will Shop the Praxis Works 68mm M30 Converter Bottom Bracket BB30/PF30 online at M30 spindle based cranks for BB30, PF30, or Specialized's OSBB frames. Mar 1, 2017 Many frames are carrying the OSBB label, but in reality this Oversized Bottom B. The epoxy fix is for carbon OSBB's onlyHi Just building up my tarmac s-works sl4 with the OSBB. These cups are Shell inner diameter (ID) will measure 42mm; BB30 bearings have a (PF30). Cranks Include : TURN Zayante M30,  BB30/PF30 Bicycle Bottom Brackets | eBay www. PRESS-FIT BB30 (PF30) TO HT2 CONVERTER GXP, RIVAL GXP, ETC) Road Crank Set on your SPECIALIZED carbon frame with OSBB bottom bracket!Praxis Works M28/30 Tretlager 73 mm für BB30/PF30/Specialized OSBB D_Mit diesem Praxis Works M30 BB30/PF30 Innenlager lässt sich die Girder MTB Středové složení Praxis Works Shimano Road 68MM BB30, PF30, Specialized Road, 119g