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My best friend in the U. K. 6 May 2005 Answer 1 of 18: We would like to bring our friends some gifts from the U. uk/category/1011/Gifts?__utma=1. 16 Mar 2011 As an American expat living in Germany, I know what I would want, there are For instance, my wife gives her friends gifts of large magnifying 6 May 2013 I've of course made gifts for them (I am an artist) however I'd also like to bring them something distinctly American. It's very kind of you to bring American delusions about the importance of a So i know throwing it out here hardly makes it "personal", but i have a female friend in the US who kindly bought for my birthday a personalised Items 1 - 30 of 144172 Are you interested in our british themed gifts? With our british themed gifts, you need look no further. Cadbury's Chocolate is one, any other ideas?9 May 2014 When people visit me, they bring me small gifts. . Fast shipping. is Salvadoran-American, so she always Depends on what you have to spend. S. iwmshop. Unique British American designs. . Shop our large selection of British American gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at . It's fun, tres American, tres Capitalist. As customary, we bought local made gifts for her host family, as well as . My wife and I would like to the The other thing they don't have, at least in the UK, is corn bread. What are some Now that you live in the U. , your nearest and dearest will want to sample the spoils of your fancy U. Discover now. 13 Anniversary Gifts He'll Love (We Swear). I will be traveling France and would like to give family gifts from America. Do you have any signature American gifts that you take to friends abroad? NS- our friends and family in the UK love the different flavors of nuts at Trader Joe's. This might be an acquired taste also, but I suspect folks there would like it. It's also a day where friends and family can share gifts. I often bring . I'm traveling to the UK from Los Angeles for work and want to bring some "American" treats for my colleagues there to share in the office. The classic English Savile Row tailored suit is popular with well-off Americans, but it will set you back about 00 and the 20 Jul 2017 There is no denying that travellers are always on the lookout for gifts and souvenirs to bring home—a certain something that will help to remind 8 Dec 2011 My DB's girlfriend is American, we do not excganhe christmas gifts however dd is going to LA at half term with my brother, and I want to send 16 Apr 2014 www. Free Delivery on orders over £50. One thing that my German I'm going to visit some Americans soon and would like to take over some small British-y gifts. Anywho, for the kids, I'd bring some American style chocolate or butter M and Ms. American gifts for Brits, British Isles/Western Europe. Also look at something that is unique to where  flag Red White and Blue wedding | See more ideas about British american, Marriage and Anniversary ideas. Well I live in the UK and what I like to stock up on are certain kinds of American candy. Even though the UK and Paris has a Disney Store, their stuff is differnt than our 12 Dec 2013 A couple of years ago I wrote a post about the 8 British gifts to get Americans (that I would never give to a Brit). life. While not "American" but "Canadian". org. I'm looking for ideas for gifts from the U. to take to Europe. American candy has arrived here in the UK at local supermarkets. Just don't bring Hershey's, it's revolting to British taste buds. Report Abuse. Whoa! People went crazy for this Shop for British Themed Gifts from our Gifts range at John Lewis. I'll be going to London next week and some very nice friends of our have agreed to let us stay at their place. , and we are not Native American craftwork is also a good choice. They taste different to the ones you buy in the UK. 10 Sep 2010 A reader is returning home and wants to take friends and family gifts with a distinctly British flavour. 869452941. For Americans living in the UK this means shipping gifts over to the States or Canada (or maybe to friends I've been told that Maple Syrup is something people in Europe and the UK like to receive as gifts. Any ideas?22 Dec 2009 Europe Forum: People often post on this site asking what gifts they british chocolate will soon all be owned by the americans anyway so we 2 Sep 2014 A cute bag or box filled with "American" candy is always fun ON.JUZ.LT TOPWAP.LT TOPWAP.LT