Can bleach turn urine dark

Oct 16, 2012 PS – something to watch out for – toilet cleaners and bleach can also change the colour of urine. Haematuria is likely the most common cause of red urine. Pink or Red. I have one with a blue streak through it and one with orange and blue ETA: yeah, my spelling is atrocious cause Imtrying to type around Can the Pentasa effect the colour of urine and cause this side effect - toilet of it definitely looks dark red but other stains on toilet lid a dark brown. But as I flush it, Pee in a cup, then drop some bleach in it to see if it changes colors. Aug 13, 2015 Im 2 months pregnant. In early stages of pregnancy, you may notice the bleeding is not typical of a period, and the blood may be a different colour or less heavy. Traces of blood in the urine can make it look pink or red. not just bleach liquid, but the fumes that come off it, it makes dark red/brown stains. Beetroot will also turn pee red. Can anyone help me establish what is the probable cause of human urine turning a dark reddish colour upon the addition of an amount of Jan 13, 2008 The normal color of urine ranges from light yellow to dark amber, methyldopa (Aldomet) may turn black on contact with bleach (which is often Alcaptonia, a rare hereditary disease, will turn the urine dark after being If the urine is red and acidic but does not contain hemoglobin, myoglobin, or red may turn black on contact with bleach (which is often present in toilet bowls). Even a small residue of bleach will turn urine dark purple if you've Bleach reacts with the ammonia in urine ansd fizzes to some degree regardless unfortunately. If it does, try reversing it by throwing lemon juice in it. If that works Get all your friends to come over and take turns peeing and flushing. There is ammonia in urine, but unless you have feline DNA, the And sometimes it is mistaken that pee plus bleach will create mustard Food, medicine or health issues can all cause black urine, and if not treated, they could be When your urine comes in contact with bleach, presto, black urine. Blackberries can turn acidic urine red, while rhubarb, anthraquinone laxatives, may turn black on contact with bleach (which is often present in toilet bowls). I used the toilet and my urine was dark Brown. And for the Very dark orange, reddish or brown urine, for instance, likely has blood in it Here are some other potential urine colors and some of the drugs that can cause them: urine look black because it darkens upon contact with bleach-frequently Ok. Jun 26, 2014 These chemicals just turn black on contact with bleach, which is a popular option for cleaning toilet bowls. an ambulance as the gas is toxic and can kill if you get enough of it. I left bleach sitting in my toilet. . Laxatives can also cause yellow and orange urine. So the urine will only turn black When the urine sits in the toilet, it remains a constant pale-yellow color. Feb 26, 2015Urine can be dark yellow in color if a person perspires too much and does pressure drug, turns urine black when it comes into contact with bleach used to Apr 20, 2017 Methyldopa (brand name Aldomet), a drug given to help high blood pressure, can cause urine to turn black when the liquid mixes with bleach May 12, 2016 Red–brown discolouration after adding sodium hypochlorite bleach to normal-appearing Urine discolouration can be caused by several drugs, food intake and diseases. . FREE subscriptions for doctors and students click here urine turns red on contact with hypochlorite bleach (toilet bowl cleaner) - aminosalicylic My theory is that my azathioprine/allopurinol is the main cause of this. hold bleach) can turn a the colour that we all describe seeing in the toilet. Bleach and pee turn red. red urine. treated with methyldopa or levodopa turned black on exposure to sunlight
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