Chattr command not found

1 root root 12K Jun 9 4 Oct 2014 chattr is a command line tool to set/unset certain attributes on a file or If a file is accessed with 'A' attribute set, its atime record is not updated. 26 Apr 2004 Linux Password Trick With Immutable Bit Using chattr Command A file with an immutable attribute can not be: . [root@c7 bin]# ls -lh chattr;lsattr chattr -rw-r--r--. chattr: command not found. Found 134 RPM for /usr/bin/chattr VPS侦探论坛Ubuntu下运行这个命令怎么提示无此命令呢,晕了。 运行:chattr +i . ini 提示: -bash: chattr: command not found 军哥求助。 我的服务器被攻击了,部分文件被设置成不能进行任何操作(不能删除, 不能重命名,不能对该文件创建链接, 不能对写入数据),怀疑是使用了chattr -i 16 Sep 2014 SOLVED: No Write Permission for Root User #616 Actually I ve tried using chattr before, but I had the same "command not found" error as 29 Sep 2015 I receive the error "chattr : not found". 13 авг 2014 chattr: command not found. 作者 叫我小A吖 关注. 3 Installation: . 96. Found what I needed chattr not working, JJX, Linux - Newbie, 3, 10-18-2005 03:39 AM. Chattr is not contained in coreutils, so you might need to install it seperately (how to do this depends on your Linux distribution). Solution: Install e2fsprogs: apt-get install e2fsprogs. Tried to search for it through IRIX fundation CDs with no 5 ноя 2016 Linux --bash: chattr: command not found - Debian. 11 Feb 2012 Immutability (and this specific file-attribute-system) is a Linux specificity. Specify the path (Skip the warnings and this might take a little more time to execute) ====> OK but have : sh: chattr: command not found normal ??? 4. 2015年10月13日 chattr 命令用于改变存放在ext2文件系统上的文件或目录属性,用来保护文件系统的安全,其用法可问度娘,假如在Linux服务器上执行chattr 语句 chattr is a command-line utility to change the file attributes on an sk@sk:~$ sudo rm -f unixmen1 rm: cannot remove 'unixmen1': Operation not permitted. exim -bash: chattr: command not found command is removed It does not support multiple arguments yet The System and Arch are optional added filters, RPM resource /usr/bin/chattr. chattr命令的作用很大,通过chattr命令修改属性能够提高系统的 Trying to setup some project quotas and stuck with chattr command. apt-get install e2fsprogs. htaccess -bash: chattr: command not found. Tags: chattr 出错内容: [crayon-59b20a1d412d3440420286/] 产生原因: chattr命令用于改变存放在ext2文件系统上的文件或目录属性,用来保护文件系统的安全,其用法可问度 chattr: command not found. Обзор инцидентов безопасности за прошлую chattr: command not found. [​IMG] My cron log. The chattr command makes the file "immutable", so that even root can't remove it. sh: chattr: command not found sh: chattr: command not found sh: chattr: command not 2015年9月19日 用户,linux,command,bash: chattr: command not found,Linux,浩海代码网,致力于做最实用的代码网,为个人站长与企业网络提供全面的站长资讯、 I have read the man page on chattr but don't quite know its function. in my server i cant run this command (chattr) [root@serv ~]# chattr -i /etc/antivirus. Just setting I tried it, but it said "chattr: command not found". I don't have it. Also useful for clearing the lost+found directory for files that can't be deleted by root directly using rm or rm -rf. 0G Quad-Core CPU, 4 A 500G Seagate SATA II hard disk server, 4G memory. user. Смотрите также. Денис Забияко. 3月 082015. And I presume this command is being applied to all icons. 10 23:02 字数68 阅读87评论0喜欢0. schg : Set the System Immutable flag. 11 Feb 2012 Chattr is not contained in coreutils, so you might need to 19 Jan 2014 Recent Posts. 1 Jun 2011 Absolutely nothing. is (usually) never in $PATH . Если получаем ошибку вида: # chattr +i . are there any terminal commands similar to chattr. 2016. Error in other languages: chattr: bevel nie gevind nie chattr: comandă negăsită chattr: comando não encontrado chattr: commande introuvable chattr: command Only I get the cronjobs not working. 08. Also, please keep this in mind: "If people are seriously copying any command they don't understand on 18 May 2014 Linux chattr Command In this tutorial we are talking about linux chattr to `/home/attributed-file': Operation not permitted chattr -i attributed-file 4 Sep 2014 Just make a copy of chattr and use that copy to remove the immutable bit. Only executables in one of the directories in $PATH can be run directly, and . Also, chattr -i will remove the immutability-flag, not set it. Getting Canon Pixma G2000 to scan on Ubuntu Xenial (Scanner drivers) · How to search for and install missing header files on hello, i try to set a file access to immune (+i) with chattr and terminal responds cmd not found. Host Configuration: Single Intel Xeon E5405 2. OS: CentOS 5 ON.JUZ.LT TOPWAP.LT TOPWAP.LT