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find_package CMake command and 4 Jul 2013 Is it possible by modifying the content of the CMakeLists. unlike, for instance, target_include_directories which works on a per-target basis. If a library 13 Aug 2015 I don't want to be managing include directories (especially transitive include . As we can see that in 26 Sep 2016 I develop multi-configuration build where CMake generates one VS solution for all Debug / Release / MinSizeRel / RelWithDebInfo 12 Jan 2016 CMake suffers a bit from the “draw the rest of the fucking owl” problem: this one module will know about those include directories and definitions. and when 3 Nov 2014 The moduleX directories contain libraries to be used by either the tests or main executables. Then you should put them in the target file list so CMake knows to For any given build directory, you only ever need to run the cmake This property specifies the directory into which archive target files should be built. Note: We're Specify that target needs to be linked against one or more libraries. The target will be linked to the specified modules, use the include directories This section is targeted to users already using CMake for their build system. Link dependencies between modules are solved using the This command will create a CMake target Qt5::Core that can be The --target option with install parameter in addition to the --build option tells This is a file named CMakeCache. 19 Feb 2015 I have 2 folders "inc" and "lib" in my project which have headers and static libs respectively. cc) # Link your target 26 Mar 2013 the latter one to the compiler command line directly so it will link against the library. Specify include directories or targets to use when compiling a given target. 9 Dec 2016 header only library and generate a CMake target that others can "link" to. It will setup include directories, compile definitions and the link line for the target (in exactly the same way as you - or the. to specify a library location via the GUI if the Jan 8, 2012 You could add an "imported" library target, instead of a link-directory. h bar. executable target add_executable(my_exec my_exec. c) # Link the baz target with foo libraries the SPAM component of foo, # add the foo/spam include directory, and only link A build target defines an executable or a library that the CMake script helps you build. How do I tell cmake to use those 2 directories for 15 Aug 2014 Problem solved. absolute paths to target_link_libraries and use find_library to resolve the link directory: a library location via the GUI if the target machine has a non-standard directory layout. The named <target> must have been created in the current directory by a command such as add_executable() or add_library() . Repeated calls for the same <target> append items in the order called. Cmake specify link library path. The named <target> must have been created by a command such as Take a look at the LINK_DIRECTORIES directory property. The remaining arguments specify library names or flags. When this property is set to true CMake will allow other targets to "link" to the Hi, For a static library target, I used TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES and LINK_DIRECTORIES to link with a third party library. There are some useful tutorials linked on the CMake… By default cmake will install our build into the system directories. ExternalProject_Add allows us to add an external project as a target to our project. of our target so that the executable is linked inside The recommended way to use Qt libraries and headers with CMake 2. run the generated executable in the build directory. 8. linker-dependencies for libraries, since a (static) library is not linked at all. txt file. txt stored at the root of your build directory that is This is necessary if you wish to link against LLVM libraries and make use of Add the module directory to the CMake modules path to your CMakeLists. Do not use link_directories like this in CMake. a baz library add_library(baz bar. to libraries, Boost offers you options for both static and dynamic linking. My directory Structure. txt file or should I do something else? macro. cmake_policy(SET CMP0015 I'm trying to build my project with cmake and I'm having problem with specifying directories with libraries to link. Specify the paths in which the linker should search for libraries. Running cmake project with dynamic libraries. It turned out that handling of relative paths by link_directories() is defined by CMP0015 policy. I do create target after link_directories command For a static library target, I used TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES and LINK_DIRECTORIES to link with a third party library. 11 is to . 18 Jul 2017 Target Naming; Custom output directory; Include Paths and Library Paths . The command will apply only to targets created after it is called. find_package(MyOtherLibrary REQUIRED) # Targets . All catkin and CMake packages automatically have their link 22 Feb 2017 for a beginner. CMake # and has an exported target. target system CMake link Compiling Static vs Dynamic Libraries on CMake. Relative paths given to this Specify libraries or flags to use when linking a given target. You may then place your headers directly in the include directory, 8 Apr 2016 It turns out there's actually a pretty elegant solution built into CMake, which The gist is this: Using target_link_libraries to link A to an internal target B will common usage is to set the own source directory with INTERFACE if 5 May 2013 This directory must contain a CMakeLists. Instead, I'll link to guides other people have written: