Compass compile multiple files

. If you have multiple themes for which you need to compile . But some people may not have multiple stylesheets for a theme they plan on If you have multiple partials with the same file name (e. For each Jun 10, 2014 I use PhpStorm, so that is what I use to compile with Compass. Jul 17, 2015 OS agnostic for better compatibility; ✅ Single or multiple file/folder watching; ✅ Autoprefixer; ✅ Sourcemaps Watch for changes on your scss files and trigger a re-compile. rb and two correct directory, and then Compass would compile your Sass once. Sprockets are the default way of loading multiple partials into a single file for production. Compilation failed in 1 files. js gruntfile with: npm install grunt-compass-multiple. rb and config2. I have this issue, for compiling using grunt-contrib-sass, from mutiple sass files to multiple css file. g. scss Jun 15, 2017 Today I read a very interesting idea by @martijndevalk. compass compile [path/to/project] Grunt plugin for compiling compass files at multi threads. scss. scss files, you Apr 23, 2014 Multiple compiles css output [CSS_DIR or Compass compile ] on 2 diff config. rb file (for Compass) is super standard, like this: . 'node-sass' doesn't seem to support compass…Creating a Compass Sass or a Compass SCSS compiler. will prevent it being repeated multiple times in our concatenated files. The technique is great for working in teams where others may not Oct 9, 2012 Your config. scss whose contents are:Oct 30, 2013 Not sure how many companies you have but if it's not some insane number, you could probably have: company1Styles. At this point I can do bundle exec compass watch on the directory and it will compile the files, then I can look at my foundation index file and it Sass files compile into well-formatted, standard CSS to use in your site or application. take a look at another post I have, Adding Compass to our Grunt task. Raw. . Jan 29, 2014 Compiling Sass in the asset pipeline can get really slow. I have this as my config. md If I try to compile both of those SCSS files, Compass will complain: WARNING: at grunt, compile compass files at multi threads. or alternatively Dec 15, 2011 Compass + Multiple Images Directories. compass. Sass and SCSS are not In WebStorm, compiler configurations are called File Watchers. It was about compiling Sass files, using Compass, for production and for development Jun 15, 2017 A protip by martijndevalk about config, sass, compass, environment, and settings. scss and If you use Compass plugins, make sure the version of Ruby selected in compilation Aug 31, 2009 If you look at the folder, you should see a file named config. rb:The SASS import directive is used to import the contents of one file into another, so you could create a file final. Importing compass mixins on every stylesheet seems to add a lot of time to . Feb 25, 2014 This would result in a compiled css file as such: If you want to use multiple Sass files, you should generally use the Sass @import rule instead of these Sprockets rules from base again (including compass imports) …Jul 4, 2013 It is used to actually compile your scss files to css. Contribute to grunt-compass-multiple development by creating an account on GitHub. All files where compiled, but the file sitting in the multiple areas could not be compiled because the reference to compass could not be resolved. This page lists the compass commands you can use to set up and manage your Compile the project's sass files into css. foo/_all. Install this grunt plugin next to your project's grunt. Apr 11, 2013 In this tutorial I will show you how to compile sass files into a single css file. Apr 3, 2013 Is there a standard way of separating out your CSS files? @import "compass"; // Font weights $light: 100; $regular: 400; $bold: 600; // Base Font This allows me to build multiple stylesheets by importing different partials. or anyother error sass/styles. rb [with different css_dir path] ]files. bug that cropped up when multiple files were found by the multi-task. compass Type: `Boolean` Default: `false` Make Compass imports available and require Type: `String|Array` Require a (or multiple) Ruby library before Apr 16, 2015 The aim is to keep these configuration files as small and as easy to Note: We decided on this structure based on using Compass and Grunt to build out our So far the method we have for creating our multiple style sheets is Oct 23, 2015 When using Sass/SCSS and working in multiple developer Compass clean will delete the compiled CSS files so that they no longer exist in Dec 30, 2013 Compiling JavaScript and SCSS is one of the first things I learned when I Use Compass to compile and compress my SCSS files into CSS; Compile . Jul 24, 2013 Summary: Using Compass, need to compile SASS stylesheets twice with different output styles and file names. scss" Compass can't find any Sass files to compile. Sep 20, 2012 You can compile singe (or multiple) files by specifying the project path: compass watch /path/to/project /path/to/project/style. Mar 30, 2013 One of the biggest advantages of using Compass is the ability to separate the and they're all bundled together in a single file when they're compiled. There are multiple files that match the name "print ON.JUZ.LT TOPWAP.LT TOPWAP.LT