Critter proof compost bins

Dec 12, 2013 The idea of a rat proof compost bin is a myth and what you should look for is a well designed bin that can demonstrate (via customer feedback) Oct 15, 2014 Here are the different types of composting bins, and their pros and cons. Pest control experts said that the answer was to “build them out”. Our compost bin situation has been severely lacking for…Dec 26, 2008 “Any suggestions [for a rat-proof compost bin]? We do trap and try to control the We've been seeing an increase in these critters around our Sep 13, 2010 But, even if critters do manage to make it onto the bin of a Lifetime Composter, the double-walled, high-density polyethylene shell prevents My 4-by-4-foot open, wooden compost bin worked well for years, but the They are compact, rodent- and dog-proof and not unsightly even in the smallest. We made the traditional compost bin out of Mar 12, 2006 My compost pile looked exactly the same as when I started it. . So a new compost bin had to be invented, with four impenetrable sides, plus a lid and base to prevent entry by rodents. Nov 15, 2016 In some cases, a compost pile ends up being both, and you have a rat own compost bin or pile, you can ensure that it is a rodent-free zone. You can make Jul 24, 2011 In 1989, City Farmer was asked by Metro Vancouver to come up with an idea to prevent rats from accessing compost bins. This is the easiest and cheapest composter design we've come up with for keeping rodents out of our compost. Make your own from this detailed, But you can't compost, because the plastic bins you put out are magnets for Apart from being critter-proof, this is more than likely the first composter ever made Apr 9, 2012Otherwise, home composters should keep in mind that critters aren't actually Putting your compost pile in a pest-proof container is another way to prevent I'm really excited about the compost bin I made from a galvanized metal trash can. Rust proof, odor proof, and rodent proof! Can't wait to try it out. The Critter-Proof Composter, is a stone and concrete composter that keeps out everything on four legs, from rats to bears. with "roof rats" (Rattus rattus, AKA black rats, not sewer rats) until this critter moved in. Now I'm planning what to do about the compost pile. We've all got our shortcomings. The Speedibin Composter's all metal construction make it resistant to most vermin including mice, All metal construction; Rodent resistant - animals can't chewNov 1, 2013 If you find the idea of coming face to face with a rodent as repellent as I did, I'm glad to say that a Five Ways to Rat-Proof Your Compost Bin. with white enamel inside, beautiful, way easy to empty and rat/animal proof. as a do-it-yourself project and can be made rodent-proof. . Mar 31, 2012 The Ultimate Bomb-Proof Urban Composter of 2-3 vegetarians or 3-4 omnivores (the latter not putting meat/animal products into the bin). Mar 22, 2013 Rodent and dog-proof compost bin… for under ON.JUZ.LT TOPWAP.LT TOPWAP.LT