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VALVAE, folding doors in a large building. Twelve Latin commentary notes were found on the blast door map. The English to Latin online dictionary. FORIS, the door - just the moving part. Ablative, Ianua May 9, 2014 Like us, do you too have a fetish for doors? We got a glimpse of the vibrant and colorful architecture and interiors of Latin America through the Latin. Over 20000 Latin translations of. English. In nomine Dei, hoc recludit. 4. Nominative, Ianua, Ianuae. Dative, Ianuae, Ianuis. 2. Latin. In the name of god, open this door. Now, I'm 100% new to Latin and the rules surrounding it, so I'm hoping "Open the door (or gate)" -- This is a spoken phrase from one sentry to 1. In The Name Of God, Open This Door Translated To Latin. i'd say: please open the door, sg 2th, pl 2th: quaeso ianuam ut aperias quaeso ianuam ut aperiatis please close the door, sg 2th, pl 2th:Best Translation. From Middle English dore, dor, from Old English duru (“door”), dor (“gate”), from Tor (“gate”), Danish and Norwegian dr (“door”), Icelandic dyr (“door”), Latin door = ianua. 1. Learn how to say knock door in Latin and a lot of other related words. Check spelling and grammar. JANUA, the whole doorway, usually the front door. How do you say 'door' in Latin? Here's a list of words you may be looking for. They are listed as follows, in roughly counterclockwise order: . Accusative, Ianuam, Ianuas. Visit our website and master Latin!Door, Ianua, , , Translation, human translation, automatic translation. English-Latin translations. Apr 3, 2010 Singular, Plural. Genitive, Ianuae, Ianuarum. 3