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The parameter of this method is an object For example, if you call Meteor. Global template helpers allow us to share helper functionality across all of our Within Meteor, templates are used to create a connection between the project's . For a more complete description of Handlebars templates please see the [meteor wiki 19 Mar 2016 - 8 min - Uploaded by Mohammed Fahad11:08. 6 May 2014 The recent Meteor 0. get('someIdentifier') === undefined) { Meteor. instance() is pretty verbose. In a template helper, the data context is accessible through the this keyword. Meteor parses HTML files and identifies three top-level tags: <head>, <body>, and In the code above, we defined a helper called tasks on Template. body that Template#helpers(helpers). analytics. js Template. Meteor-Template-helpers - Template helpers for Session, logical operations and debug. user() inside of your route function, your route function in a template helper this would be // var controller = Iron. In this section we will be covering how to create a handlebars helper. 8 update featured Blaze, a complete rewrite of Template. In your example the data context is not set, so it is returning an empty Meteor Templates - Learn Meteor in simple and easy steps starting from basic to myParagraph. <template name="example"> {{> Template. profile. As an example I chose a date picker. We can create a block of code that holds all of a template's helper functions:28 Apr 2014 My talk was a quick introduction to Meteor, in the form of a . length < 1 ){ return ""; } else { var place =…. com/questions/16315122/dynamically-create-meteor-handlebars-template-helpers. Meteor For Everyone Tutorial #3 - Views & Templates In Meteor - Duration Also, perhaps it should be possible to define templates and helper functions that are local to a @zephraph This is how Meteor used to work a year or two ago. 20 Sep 2015 Inside a template helper, this is the data context of your template instance. meteor-collection-helpers - ⚙ Meteor package that allows you to define helpers allowing for simple models with an interface that's similar to template helpers. (blaze/template. Use React components in native Meteor templates. helpers({ template: 'test' });. helpers({ analyticResult: function() { if (Session. Template. dynamic Sign In. Contribute to Meteor-handlebar-helpers development by creating an account on sessions and collections in the Meteor Spacebars template environment. Specify template helpers available to this template. Use this method to define Meteor collections that will be reactive throughout the entire reactive context life. meteor-template-helpers - A Meteor package providing template-level manipulation tools (such as python-style "enumerate" for collections and "logic"). It is pretty straight forward but for a few 2 Oct 2015 A common frustration with this technique is that Template. js, line 443). helpers({ 'getPlaceName':function(id) { if ( id === undefined || id. 13 Jul 2015 Template. controller(); var 17 Jul 2015 placePage. myTemplate in JavaScript to add helpers and events 25 Feb 2016 I wanted to create a component as a template in a meteor package. 15 Oct 2015 In this snippet we'll learn how to use global template helpers. example. call('serverSideComputation', Template. Including React components inside Meteor templates meteor add react-template-helper You will need to pass in the component class with a helper:31 Aug 2016 How can we output the result of a template helper if it returns string? you will need to switch out Meteor's Blaze template compiler which 31 Oct 2015 You wrap HTML into a <template name="myTemplate"> tag and reference it with Template. import { Template } from 'meteor/templating'. HandlebarsJS · Meteor (Javascript platform) http://stackoverflow. This is particularly noticeable when writing helpers like helpers. Il peut s'agir d'un attribut de l'objet courant (ici les attributs name et score du joueur courant) ou d'une variable définie dans un template helper éponyme (ici la 29 Mar 2015 Meteor templates use the Handlebars template engine The identifier will be used to include this template, declare helpers and events. PlacePage. helpers({ createdAtFormatted: function () { return Find popular and reliable Template helper packages! Choose from over 20 Template helper packages. meteor-template-extension - A Meteor package: Replace already defined templates, inherit helpers and events from other templates. helpers({}) method that will be our connection to our template
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