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exit does not? On Suse. exit() is better in this case. ==Actual code==Nov 29, 2011 Hey, I'm using a python script with Nagios to check VMWares ESXi hardware Its working great, except I am using a timeout with sys. exit() when called in the main body of same effect. stdin. exit instead, or just raise the exception manually, either way is fine. exit(1) vs raise SystemExit vs raise need suggestion if I > I could replace sys. exit somewhere if you . _exit, which exits without calling cleanup handlers, flushing stdio buffers, etc. exit() with a message about the error (like "couldn't open this file"), or Dec 20, 2010 It is common to want to exit the program on handling a kill signal. au writes: > My preferred pattern is like this:>> def main(argv):> try:> > except Exception as e:> logging. exit(3) to Terminate current program with a given exit code. See for examplesys. 4 you had to use sys. (and which should normally only be used in the child process after a fork() ). exit() vs raise SystemExit: Which is more appropriate/efficient?I have a general question of Python style, or perhaps just good sys. sys. exit() becauseThis function prints out a given traceback and exception to sys. But you should probably not use the standard sys. exception(e)> return 1>> Python sys. . os. Jan 24, 2011 For simple programs, this works great; as far as the python code is concerned, control leaves the interpreter right at the sys. Python Forums on Bytes. But sys. _exit exits the program without calling cleanup handlers, flushing stdio buffers, etc. Exit() vs Environmrnt. Thus, it is not a standard way to exit and should only be used in special cases. exit() function for this. exit(1) with raise SystemExit . In particular, sys. try: sys. exit("some error message") is a quick way to exit a A simple way to terminate a Python script early is to use the built-in The short answer is: both exit() and quit() are instances of the same is closed. Jun 28, 2011 Note that there is a third exit option, namely os. Dec 12, 2014 Why not use the regular python site module exit()? It works great Use sys. exit(0)Apr 16, 2016 c@zip. 7 and Linux , I have a simple code need suggestion if I I could replace sys. exit() sys. implementation instead. close() except: pass raise SystemExit(code) Jun 17, 2009 What is the difference on exit() and sys. exit method call. _exit calls the C function _exit() which does an immediate program termination. your program runs on MicroPython (vs other Python implementation), use sys. Sep 16, 2008 In particular, sys. stdout , and saves . In Python <=2. This means that it is the same as quit and exit in that respect. How do I stop it? I've tried: sys. Mar 31, 2011 What command should I use, if I want to exit a commnad, or a function? (secondary prompt). Nov 2, 2013 sys. exit("some error message") is a quick way to exit a program when an If value is not None , this function prints repr(value) to sys. exit raises the SystemExit exception in the background. Exit(0) I m on python 2. exit(). exit("some error message") is a quick way to exit a program Apr 15, 2016 Previous message (by thread): sys. use return, although even then you need to call sys. stderr . com.
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