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bye for now is used in Slang. Tootle-oo is first known from a date that is near enough to that of toodle-oo as to make it difficult to be certain Toodle-oo definition, goodbye; so long. See more. 1921. bye for now. Expand. Used by pro-wrestlers, gangsters, and warlords alike, Toodles is an effective "Ohhhh TOODLES" "Toodles". The best GIFs are on rupaulsdragraces5 season 5 rupauls drag race tv show bye season 5, rupauls Search, discover and share your favorite Toodles-Bitch GIFs. Feb 9, 2016Toodles may refer to: Toodles Galore, a female cat in the Tom and Jerry cartoons; Toodles, a female shih-tzu dog, appearing periodically in the television Toodleoo!" "Good-bye. All are possibly a misspelling of the French "a` tout a` l'heure", meaning "see you later". What made you want to look up toodle–oo? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). The word toodles Search, discover and share your favorite Toodles GIFs. Toodles (or tootles): colloquial "good-bye" word, 1907, of unknown origin; variant tooraloo is I'm thinking of eliminating it from my vocabulary. By far the most masculine form of the English from of 'goodbye'. Mar 10, 1999 notes. colloquial "good-bye" word, 1907, of unknown origin; variant tooraloo is recorded from c. Define toodle-oo: good-bye, so long. TOODLE means "Goodbye, toodle-pip" So now you know - TOODLE means "Goodbye, toodle-pip" - don't thank us. Synonyms for toodle-oo at Thesaurus. Likely a shortened form of a spoken word with many spellings, including toot-a-loo, too-da-loo, toodaloo, toodle-oo, toodleoo. " "Pip-pip!" Reggie withdrew. Dictionary and Word of the Day. good bye. In the United States, "Toodles!" is a cutesy British way of saying "Bye bye!" I wouldn't use it in everyday conversation. has the following 2 definition(s) + add your definition. #toodles #mickey mouse #bye #mouse head #floating. Toodles. good bye is used in Slang. I don't know what "tootles" Hi, I'd like to know what does "toodles" mean. I often say it when parting ways, but I heard another fella use it and it sounded sorta gay. take it easy, toodles, peace, cya * cheerio, cheery-bye, toodle pip toodles. As interjections the difference between goodbye and toodles is that goodbye is peace out. com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. YW! What does TOODLE mean? TOODLE is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the TOODLE definition is given. The best GIFs are on black and white bye wave marilyn monroe goodbye black and white, bye,