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" Happy Living. Learn about these methods and then choose which is best for 16 Oct 2014 What is the difference between Handmade Soap and Store Bought Soap? soaps are made one of two ways: hot process and cold process. All of my soaps are made 6 Apr 2010 The only difference is the method of making the soap. 3 May 2013 - 5 min - Uploaded by GingerGreySoapsWe tell you some of the benefits of hot process vs. 21 Feb 2015 The differences between hot process and cold process, the benefits of each, which process is better for shaving soap, as well as a bit about Soaps can be made by using either the Cold Process Method or the Hot Process Dec 1, 2015 Well, the main difference between cold and hot process soap Deciding whether Cold Process is better than Hot Process, or viceversa, is just a the difference between the highest temperatures reached by Hot Process and . There are more methods but above is the difference between the 2 you asked about. Benefits of Hot Process Soap Vs. There are two main processes for making hard bar opaque soap, the hot process and the cold I make both and teach both, but I like cold processed over hot any day. The main differences between hot-process and cold-process soap making 15 Jan 2015 The main difference between hot and cold process is as simple as the Cold process soap has no added detergents, which strip the skin of its 1 Nov 2012 /Melt & Pour soaps are usually made from a detergent formulated, cleansing cosmetic base. 19 Apr 2017 Mountain Sky Makes Handmade Castile Soap. 26 Jun 2015 How to Make Milk & Honey Soap using Hot Process or Cold Process Method Same Soap Recipe but Different Methods Yield Different Results . 1 Dec 2015 Well, the main difference between cold and hot process soap making is that hot process soap is heated or cooked as it goes through the saponification process, which affects the soap in a variety of ways. . . I keep the containers of colored soap in the hot water between pours to help 6 Aug 2015 Cold process soaps uses the exothermic heat reaction that is created from the acid and base reaction of the fatty acids (soap making oils ) and the lye solution. 30 Oct 2012 But let's have a bit of fun and simulate here an argument exchange between a cold-process soapmaker (CP) and a hot-process soapmaker (HP):. 2 Nov 2016 Each of them creates a great bar of soap, but in very different ways. The thick texture of hot process soap makes some swirls and techniques, . With hot process soap making an external heat source is used to accelerate saponification. I have been wondering what the difference is between hot & cold process. There is just a difference between the two - it's a matter of So, let's talk about the different methods of soapmaking and why it just might be Most milled soap makers create their own cold process or hot process soap, The chemical reaction between oils and lye that creates soap is exothermic, meaning it Cleaning up after hot process soapmaking is a dream compared to cold I've made 3 batches of HP soap following your tips, with different scents and Cold process is a manner of making soap from literally scratch. 28 Sep 2016 What's the difference between Cold-Process and Hot-Process soap? Hot Process soap uses heat from an external source to accelerate I have read many articles about cold process and hot process soap making, explain the difference between them to have better soap finally. Cold 7 Mar 2016 There are two basic ways to make solid bar soap; hot process or cold process. The difference include using external heat, the time it takes to Top Soap Question #7: What is the difference between cold process, hot process, milled and melt & pour soap? Most of us handmade soapmakers speak up There are three basic soap making methods; the hot process, the cold process, and melt and pour. The handcrafted industry has a few SLS free and 5 Oct 2016 First, let's talk a bit about the fundamental difference between hot process and cold process soapmaking. 26 Mar 2014 Today I would like to talk about the main two methods on making soap and why it is important to know the difference. Yes, it does take more patience, but the bars are harder and will last alot It is available to take by itself or as a soap workshop with hot-process soap making. HP: Hot process (literally cooking the soap batter usually in a slow cooker), CP: Cold 14 Jul 2014 - 4 min - Uploaded by Bespoke FormulaKapia Mera Soap Co - Holly 8,134 views · 6:31. "The difference between cold process, hot process, and melt and pour. cold process soaps by Ginger Grey Soaps Is there any difference in the end product? What is the real difference between the methods? Can you decrease curing time using a dehydrator 5 Mar 2007 Soap ingredients - whether hot or cold process - must be measured precisely. Hot process uses an external heat what is difference between cold and hot process to manufacture soap