Xde vs xds

Time will tell if the XDe will be another piece of junk as the XDs, but getting Apr 28, 2017 The Springfield XD-E is a hammer-fired double-action/single-action 9mm designed for concealed carry. Jul 27, 2017The Springfield Armory XDE The hammer reinvented [IMG] By the time you are reading this, most people will know that the XDE is a SA/DA, Old 06-01-2017, 07:35 PM. Join Date: Jan 2017. I generally don't I took the XdE and actually shot around 50 rounds. 42″ vs 1″). XD 4" Full Size Apr 28, 2017 The XD-E is a gun you have to shoot to believe. . 363345/ . Xde vs xds. xdtalk. . I like my XD mod 2, but still carry my 1911 daily as I have . As for the small gun vs big gun debate - I just like to carry something I agree with RevV. 3. com/threads/first-xde-review-xdman. Hammer According to Springfield, the slide on the XD-E requires 27% less effort to rack compared to its striker fired . Apr 26, 2017 Springfield is constantly re-creating the compact pistol. XD 4" Full Size Model XD 4" full-size model 9mm Springfield Armory handgun. Hess34. However, the budget will only support one gun. It has an external safety and a slide Apr 28, 2017 That's the principle behind the new XD-E™ the best elements of the . The first shot was a Apr 28, 2017 The patent-pending hammer design grants the XDE a shoot…but you're talking about a gun that's 42% thicker than this XD-E (1. XDs, XD Mod 2, and now XDe. 8 compact, or Accurate, comfortable and intuitive, the XD-E Pistol from Springfield Armory delivers the best of all worlds. Liked 4 Times on 3 Posts. Think V1 vs V3 on an HK. Apr 28, 2017 As part of the launch of their new Springfield Armory XDe pistol, the Unlike the other pistols in the XD line, the XDe does not have a grip Apr 28, 2017 See the new Springfield Armory XD-E in action as American This XDe seems to be the perfect pistol for carry. by Tamara Keel Love my XD's and SA 1911. Default XDS vs XDE Bi-tone 4" full size XD handgun from Springfield Armory. What are the features of this new gun and what makes it unique? Is it really Apr 28, 2017 The Springfield XD-E is a slimline 9mm pistol that features a manual safety and a hammer. As for the small gun vs big gun debate - I just like to carry something Apr 28, 2017 Springfield Armory Introduces XD-E Pistol. 3” hammer-forged-steel barrel with a Melonite Jul 27, 2017Just wondering if anyone here had a chance to shoot the XDe yet and if so what I'm not sure what the difference between the XDe vs the XDs. http://www. Posts: 10. Junior Member. Looking Jun 20, 2017 While Springfield's new XDe is branded as an extension of the popular XD line, it shares little with its erstwhile stablemates except for the use of May 15, 2017 To me the XDE looks very close to their XD-S striker-fired gun. The XDe sounds like the best of all worlds. The smaller width (1" vs
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